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We've spent over 70,000 man hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars scouring the world of financial research. We investigated a seemingly endless list of writers and analysts to evaluate their research services.

We spoke to writers who charge $50,000 for their research...self-made multi-millionaire traders...and renowned macro strategists.

What we wanted were world-class experts with a consistent track record of new, unique and actionable ideas.

What we didn't want were sales pitches.

Long story short, most didn't make the cut...

  • An entirely new way of accessing research that is a world first
  • Hand-picked insights from 30 world class investors every single week
  • Plus a weekly overview report that synthesises the research and applies it directly to what is happening in the markets at that very moment

Two of the world's best macro researchers

With Macro Insiders, two of the world’s top macro-researchers, Raoul Pal and Julian Brigden, bring you a level of elite macro analysis that was previous only available to large banks, hedge funds and wealthy families.